Hair restoration for androgenic alopecia

Are you experiencing hair loss? Or are there certain areas where your hair is thin, and you think of undergoing a hair transplant? Thanks to the innovative discoveries on hair restoration, treatments like microneedling using Mesotherapy products and Platelets Rich Plasma are now effective treatment to regrow hair and prevent hair loss for both men and women.


Treatments are done one week apart

8 treatments

Our blood is made of two main components: red blood cells and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, which are rich in growth factors.

Growth factors, in a sense, play the role of messengers, signaling skin cells to function. In fact, they’ve been used in medicine to treat a range of health issues, including arthritis, signs of aging, etc. The good news for anyone with thinning hair is that growth factors can help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

F-HAIR for MEN & WOMEN treats effectively alopecia with a blend of peptides, growth factors, organic silicium, pantenol and hyaluronic acid. It preserves hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) activity, modulates DHT via 5-α reductase activity inhibition, stimulates ECM renewal, anchoring proteins synthesis and decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines. The acetyl tetrapeptide-3 is a highly innovative active combining a patented four amino acids biomimetic peptide with a red clover extract rich in Biochanin A. Their efficacy is based on the combined action of its two ingredients, allowing direct action on DHT preventing the hair cycle to shorten and hair follicle miniaturization, improving the ECM proteins in dermal papilla surrounding hair bulb for better anchoring in the scalp. They also prevents inflammation which is a contributing factor in hair loss.

F-HAIR for MEN & WOMEN is a revitalizing treatment for hair. It restores an effective micro-circulation of the scalp and revitalizes hair follicles. It is an effective formula designed to fight thinning hairs, stimulate regrowth and reduce hair loss. Thanks to their vasodilator activity of Centella Asiatica and ginkgo extracts increase blood flow and therefore the scalp nutrition and oxygenation. Hair formula also contains all the metabolites (vitamins, amino acids and minerals) required for the nutritional and energetic metabolism of hairs. Organic silica firms the dermal matrix to maintain the hair anchoring, while hyaluronic acid moisturizes and softens the hairs.

During treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn, which is spun using a centrifuge to separate Plasma from the blood. The plasma is then micro-needled and injected into the affected area. The results are enhanced when combined with a micro-needling of Fusion products for higher efficacy and further stimulation. Treatment is suitable for anyone who suffers from androgenic alopecia in both and men and women. Initial consultation is required and is complementary.

Clinical results

HairRestorationBefore HairRestorationAfter